Wednesday, April 30, 2014

DIY Save The Dates- Some Cannes Inspiration.

Last year, coconspirator, Sarah Ledesma told me of an idea she had to recreate the Cannes Film Festival Poster for her wedding Save the Date postcards. The original poster was shot by Melville Shavelson in 1963 and features Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman. The poster for 66th Festival de Cannes was brilliantly conceived and executed bThe ★ Bronx Agency (Paris)  Sarah works in social media marketing for a film conservatory here in LA and her fiancee writes for a major animation network. Both lovers film & old Hollywood, they plan to tie the knot in Malibu. Wanting to honour and pay tribute to something that is dear to their hearts, they wanted to recreate the poster and sent the image as personal save the dates for guests invited to their up-coming wedding. This was all for personal use in no way shape or form used for commercial purposes. If you love the poster as much as we do, you can always purchase it on Amazon. 

I was incredibly tight for time so most of the planning/producing was done by Sarah, but I really want to demonstrate how much it takes a team to create something. (keeping in mind, this is a re-creation, all the original concept and execution was done by  The ★ Bronx Agency (Paris).)

I wanted to get a clear plain shot that would be easy for Paul (Sarah's brother and graphic designer) to comp and play with in post production. Sarah and Peter arrived at my place dressed and ready to go. I set up a 3' roll, bright white paper backdrop along the floor rolled out to fit my two stars. We used a step ladder and shot directly down our bride and groom using a speedlite and ceiling to bounce light. Charles (Charlie) McIlvain directed, paying attention to the details that would make a balanced image. Unlike Joanne Woodward who was 5'4", Sarah is over 6', as is Peter, so Charles was sure to direct them so they matched equally. If you notice in the poster, Joanne Woodward has Paul Newman's head cupped in her hand, almost like she is slightly propping his head up. Charlie paid attention to those finer details so Sarah and Peter had a close match. 

For me the process was very simple, shoot a crisp and clear image of the couple to pass onto Paul. It was Sarah and Paul who then worked on the efforts to match the poster. It was a time consuming process as both Sarah and Paul have their own work to do, but the aim of sharing this with you is that work, big or small, takes a team. That team can be two people, it can be twenty, but it is always rewarding. I recently had a photographer friend who was feeling in a bit of a rut, ask me my opinion and thoughts on creating work. Does someone do it on their own or is there a team? TEAM. Always a team. Every magazine ad and editorial has a team of wonderful creatives who put that work together. It is important at times of frustration when you feel that your work hasn't changed or grown to recognize that. To go easy on yourself and to keep exploring, keep learning. Meet new people and create with friends. This applies in film making too. It takes an army sometimes but the rewards are well worth it. 

Just recently Sarah received the postcards to send to her guests. We are all stoked. It was a great match and captures Sarah and Peters love for film. 

Here is our little re-creation. For a budget of nothing, we had fun and didn't do so bad. 

Producer: Sarah Ledesma
Director: Charles McIlvain
Photographer: Jasmine Lord
Designer: Paul Ledesma
Groom: Peter Diccico
Bride: Sarah Ledesma
Hair/Makeup: Sarah Ledesma

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