Monday, October 03, 2011

The Challenge of Writing a Biography.

It's been an exciting year for me this year with a few work goals slowly coming to fruition. More importantly, as these dreams have come to a realisation the faster I am learning new techniques and fine tuning my craft. Film and Photography are wonderful career passions as there is never a point in time where you sit back and feel that you know it all. Times change, as does technology, trends and techniques. There are always new challenges that present themselves to keep you learning, growing and on your toes.

While updating my website and becoming involved with numerous organisations in the photographic sense, I found myself needing to write a biography. I admit that writing is not my strength, however, without a doubt, writing a biography has been one of the hardest challenges I have come across over the last year. I have searched the web for months and looked at different photographers biography's and artist statements and felt so lost. How to write one without feeling like a "wanker" or how to write one that even read remotely interesting.

Recently I came across a really helpful article in the Wedding Photojournalist Association that helped pinpoint some key aspects that helped me at least get started.  I do recommend checking out the following link. While it is directed at wedding photojournalists, it most certainly is not limited to just that field.

The Value Of A Solid Photographer Bio

With that said: Here is is, after many poor attempts and re-writes over the last 12 months, finally a more factual biography of my work as a photographer.

Jasmine Lord Photography: Bio