Thursday, August 06, 2009

SMC B&W Printing Class

It has been far too long since my last post. For many reasons, besides being busy with work & hosting out of town guests. Many of the shoots that I have been working on I haven't been able to post about for various reasons, however, finally, I can post about my latest journey. Below is a collection of photos that I have been printed by myself at SMC during my B&W Printing Class for Beginners. All were shot on my 35mm Rebel G and I wont lie, most were taken out & about during sight seeing or were rushed as I found myself pressed for time with no previous shot film available here in the USA (all my previous B&W work is back in Aus in storage- I really should get that here)

All of the shots taken were printed on Illford, 8x10, Multigrade IV Resin Coated paper. My lens on the enlarger was a 50mm, with Illford filters. I will list above each photos the specs of the exposure time on the paper, f stop & filter used.

This picture was taken at the Custom Hotel, while I was drinking long island ice tea:) hehe. I had never seen so many girls dancing in bikinis and high heels! Needless to say I took a snap and used it to print the following Saturday!
Printing Specs: 5.6, 6 Seconds, #2 Filter
I have really enjoyed the printing process and am BUSTING to start shooting on medium format. Damn those expensive Hassleblad cameras for being so amazing & appealing. Today while in Samy's buying more paper for my class, I saw a Holga available on sale for under $30.00. I got it! It's my poor mans medium format camera and I already love it. I shot a role before lunch and had A & I develop it for my last class on Saturday.
22 seconds, f5.6, #3
My friend Kate was over one day and I quickly snapped up a shot of her tat (above- dark) & ring. (below)
7 seconds, f5.6, #3.5
This is Anne, this picture really was a rush, I was on my way from Culver City to A&I with no film shot! I was so busy hosting Anne I almost stitched myself for time to get some shots for class & negs back. I can develop negs myself in class, but truth be told, I find it boring. I know it's a lazy bad attitude, but it's true. Plus I don't trust myself. I don't want to waste my class printing someone else's shot cause I screwed up my own role while attempting to develop it. I only have 4 hours for class, so time is precious.
Below is a picture of my friend Sam, I was really soft on this one (damn it) so I ended up playing with it, and going for a faded effect. For me it didn't quite work, but you get the idea.
4 seconds, f5.6, #3
I like this one- This was a rush, in Culver City again, but I really enjoyed playing with the printing side of this.
10 seconds, f5.6, #5
This is taken out side the front of our condo.
9 seconds, f5.6, #2
Sam again- this time I had her sporting my new blue wig. I have no idea why I purchased it at all, but I was happy to use it for the purpose of taking a snap:)
11 seconds, f5.6, #3
Bulent at the Custom Hotel
15 Seconds, f8, #3 Filter
Sam again
5 seconds, f5.6, #3
Katrina at the Custom Hotel
16 Seconds, f8, #3
Anne at the Getty, this was on Saturday night, just after a print class.
8 seconds, f8, #3
15 seconds, f8, #3
The Getty
15 seconds, f8, #1
The view from the Standard Downtown in a rest thingy.
6 seconds, f5.6, #2.5
Test Strip